Senior Manager-Investment Banking Business Department (投行业务事业部-高级经理)

  • competitive
  • Hong Kong
  • Permanent, Full time
  • Huarong International Financial Holdings Limited
  • 12 Dec 16



  • Support project leader on different corporate finance assignments (including IPOs, merger & acquisition, corporate advisory and other fund raising activities), from marketing to execution;
  • Liaise with professional parties and communicate with regulatory authorities;
  • Keep abreast of corporate development and related rules and policies.
  • 從專案行銷到執行階段為項目負責人提供支持(包括首次公開發行保薦項目、收購合併、財務顧問和其他融資項目);
  • 協調專業仲介進行工作及與聯交所進行溝通;
  • 隨時關注公司內部合規要求和相關條例修改情況。


  • 5-8 years experience in large financial institutions, investment banks and financial advisers;
  • Bachelor degree or above, major in financial and accounting preferred;
  • Holder of License SFC Type 6;
  • Certain level of knowledge on listing rules and merger and acquisition regulations;
  • Good time management and the ability to work under high pressure;
  • Have the ability to follow the instructions from superiors to handle individual units of IPO Sponsor and financial consultant M&A projects independently;
  • Excellent communication and analytical skills;
  • Good communication skills in Mandarin, sound Chinese and English writing capabilities.
  • 5-8年大型金融機構投資銀行及財務顧問之從業經驗;
  • 本科畢業或以上,金融和會計學位優先;
  • 持證監會6號牌照;
  • 對上市條例和收購合併條例擁有一定程度的認識;
  • 良好的時間管理能力並在高壓環境處理工作;
  • 具備按照上級指示單獨處理IPO保薦或/和並購財務顧問項目中個別工作單元的能力;
  • 優秀的溝通及分析能力;
  • 優良的普通話溝通技巧及中英文書寫能力。