Vice President, Remedial Loan Specialist Vice President, Remedial Loan Specialist …

Arab Banking Corporation
in Manama, Capital Governorate, Bahrain
Permanent, Full time
Last application, 24 Aug 19
Arab Banking Corporation
in Manama, Capital Governorate, Bahrain
Permanent, Full time
Last application, 24 Aug 19
The bank is organized along the three lines of defense operating model. Group Credit is part of the control function in the second line of defense. The Remedial Loan Specialist reports to the Group Head of RLU who in turn reports to the Group Chief Credit Officer who in turn reports to the Group Chief Credit & Risk Officer who reports to the Group Chief Executive Officer.

Within the Group Credit Analyst function the individual jobs will comprise different aspects and percentages of the following four broad categories.

  1. Credit portfolio management – 10%
  2. Remedial loan case management – 70%
  3. Risk related project management – 10%
  4. Developmental – 10%

The job responsibilities within these broad categories are described in more detail below.

 Principal Responsibilities, Accountabilities and Deliverables of Role:

Credit portfolio management – 10%

The Remedial Loan Specialist (RLS) supports the first line of defense across a number of geographies either as a principal or secondary point of contact on case files. The RLS is to work across all types of transaction including but not limited to sovereign/GRE, corporate/project and financial institutions.

The RLS is to provide in depth support in terms of interpretation of the Group Credit Policy its related Standards and Procedures.

The RLS is available to provide consultation on Credit Application Forms (CAF) as to whether the CAF is adequate in terms of its explanation and mitigation of the risks associated with the transaction or product under discussion.

Any consultation with the Business on a CAF content and suitability is encouraged to take place in a forum with at least one other member of Group Credit present. On submission of the CAF for final approval the RLS ensures that it is in compliance with group policies and requirements. The RLS comments on any deficiencies in an objective manner and indicates a level of support, be it positive, negative or conditional for the submission.

The RLS is to ensure that any documentation outstanding on the OOO (Out of Order) report is covered in the CAF and reasons provided to mitigate any potential risk.

The RLS is to monitor news developments concerning cases under management. 

The RLS is to monitor the completeness of the annual reviews covering cases.

From time to time the RLS will be required to deliver reports on sectors within a country or assist in the compilation of a wider report across many jurisdictions.

As part of the portfolio management process the RLS must work with Group Underwriters and Group Credit Analysts to identify any relationships or sectors that could result in elevated credit risk or non-repayment of the borrower’s obligations. 

All such names must appear on the report – Accounts Requiring Close Monitoring before being downgraded to a Risk Rating 8. To be clear cases can appear on the report prior to being downgraded to RR8 or worse but all cases must be identified prior to it being downgraded to a RR8.

Remedial loan case management – 70%

Remedial Loans represent transactions that are in doubt of full repayment in line with contractual obligations. Such transactions require close monitoring and the involvement of legal and other professional advisors to ensure the correct course of action is taken in maximizing the bank’s recovery.

The RLS is to assist in that process providing guidance to team members within Group Credit. The RLS is to assist in the preparation of the LPR (Loan Provision

Risk related project management – 10%

Report)   and         other       ad-hoc    reports   required by stakeholders.

The RLS must oversee inactive and active RLU cases as the principal credit officer responsible for all RLU cases. The RLS will prepare Credit Application Forms (CAF) for any approvals including annual reviews for accounts managed by RLU.

The RLS must monitor the status of the RLU across the Group and hold meetings with each unit at an appropriate frequency not less than monthly in the case of Banco ABC, Brasil.

Risk related projects can comprise either a single issue project such as; amending a report or improving the efficiency or effectiveness of a process, to providing input on a multi-million dollar transformational projects. In either instance the RLS is to provide assistance and support as part of the general day to day business.

The RLS is expected to record his contribution to projects for evaluation as part of the career management process.

Developmental 10%

The RLS is to encourage the development of the team as a whole and ensure that his/her own skills are current and that courses are completed in areas requiring development. 

The encouragement of development of the team could be through coaching, arranging seminars or circulating interesting and relevant news to the group.

Seeking out feedback and acting upon it is particularly useful.


Job Context (Circumstances & environment surrounding the job):

The job holder is expected to:

  • Recognise the need to balance risk-prudence with actual market-practices/pressures and support growth of a sustainable well managed risk portfolio. 
  • Understand risk strategy and appetite documents.
  • Monitor and analyse bank’s different credit portfolios including FI and Corporate names.
  • Demonstrate compliance with the bank’s policies, standards and procedures.
  • Awareness of regulatory requirements in Bahrain and beyond.

  Job Requirements:


  • Good knowledge of credit and Treasury product risks and key aspects of legal documentation. 
  • Good knowledge of corporate and bank balance sheet analysis techniques

Education / Certifications

  • Master’s Degree with an element of  finance or equivalent, 
  • Institute of Bankers associate or equivalent


  • At least 10 years’ experience preferably with an international bank demonstrating some mobility and diversity in cultural awareness

Personal Attributes

  • Work as team member, good verbal and written communication and presentation skills, accountability, transparent and open