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AIA Company Limited

in Hong Kong
Permanent, Full time
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Associate Principal, Artificial Intelligence Engineering
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Position Objective:
• Go live with cutting-edge AI. Only what land's in the customer's hands, and makes lives better, is real.
• Build & apply AI to deliver actionable insights from large-scale, multi- structured datasets.
• Create successful handshakes between AI Algorithms and downstream teams (e.g. API deployment + app integration)
• Convincingly communicate with our stakeholders at all levels.
• Work & learn together with leading experts in deep learning and enterprise-scale AI. Enable members of the organization to use AI and learn from your expertise.

Your core area
  • Build (deep) AI together with a wide range of collaborators and make sure it goes all the way into the hands of millions of customers. Your solutions are so creative and good that an average person would struggle to believe an "algorithm" can do that.
  • Work in a startup atmosphere with blue-chip enterprise-scale opportunities
  • End-to-end responsibility for model development, including learning loop architecture
  • Automation of training data updates, feature extraction, model development, validation and scoring as well as deployment.
  • Evangelize and promote the use of ML /AI based on your expertise. You are aware that AI is cool, and that we want to share the joy - and also that we help by setting and spreading/enabling the best standards
  • You thrive on sharing your knowledge with others and helping collaborators grow. Teaching experience in a university or other settings can be a plus.
  • You thrive in the knowledge that you are going live, enabling others and seeing millions use your solutions. This gives you excitement that you share.
  • You can communicate well with C-level executives as well as execution team members in local business units
  • Drive to pro-actively identify and pick up potentially world-changing moonshots

You have (growth-) possibilities to specialize in some of these areas:
  • Cloud architecture for compute-heavy requirements
  • API ecosystem
  • Deployment of big data algorithms and (deep-) AI models (e.g. with Databricks + Kubernetes)
  • AIOps stack (e.g. MLFlow, Jenkins, Kubernetes etc.)
  • Command-line based cross-code integration
  • Deep learning using frameworks such as Keras or similar
  • Software engineering related tasks that interlink with the AI creation chain
  • AI quality testing, versioning, black-box to white-box transformation, and AI standard setting
  • Security/Compliance related workflows
  • Explaining the value of ML and AI to business leaders
  • Driving large-scale technology initiatives across complex, global organizations
  • AI project management (inspired e.g. by Lean Startup or similar)

  • Coding: Excellent skills in at least one applicable high-level language (for instance, but not limited to Python/Java/C/etc.)
  • Demonstrated data science experience from relevant projects (research or industry)
  • Expertise in areas related to deployment and integration
  • Recognized qualifications in a core quantitative subject
  • Excellent English language skill (both spoken and written) is essential.

Desirable experience types (ideally you have one or more of these, we do not expect a single candidate to be strong in all of these areas):
  • Real-world experience working as a Data Scientist
  • Experiences as a full-stack developer, backend developer or front-end developer
  • Experience in a technical role in a start-up is a plus, ideally in an Ops related role
  • Healthcare, financial or tech sector data science experience is a plus.
  • Software engineering related experience
  • Software quality testing experience
  • Security/Compliance related experiences
  • Big data (pipelining) experience
  • Additional Asian language skills are desirable, but not essential. Mandarin is a significant plus

Desirable technical knowledge (ideally you have one or more of these):
  • Back-end stack
  • Deployment related technologies such as Jenkins
  • Command-line (BASH) scripting or data integration
  • Code cross-integration
  • Deep learning expertise using deep learning frameworks such as Keras
  • Front-end stack (e.g. React Native, HTML/CSS)
  • Tools of the Spark or Hadoop ecosystem
  • Large-scale model deployment

Personal Qualities
  • Team-oriented and collaborative nature and ability to work side-by-side all day.
  • You can work in a self-directed and self-motivated manner. We offer an environment where you are enabled to come up with new ideas and strategies and then collaboratively go to market.
  • Inherently curious about science and data.
  • Business-oriented with a proactive focus on collaborative problem-solving.
  • Desire to learn and to grow personally and professionally paired with the capability to think beyond the here and now.
  • Capable of working in an enterprise environment.
  • Willing and able to travel.

Build a career with us as we help our customers and the community live healthier, longer, better lives.

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