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Self Employed, Part time
Last application, 24 Jan 22
Self Employed, Part time
Last application, 24 Jan 22
Posted by:
Elva Leung • HR & Administrative Manager
Bole Capital Group Limited
Posted by:
Elva Leung
HR & Administrative Manager
We are looking for freelance Investment Consultant/Advisor to collaborate with us. If you have any investment strategies proposal in crypto space, please talk to us!

Job Description:
1. Collect cryptocurrency project information through multiple channels and provide trading strategies (short-term investing is preferred);
2. Share profit-making resources and information in the cryptocurrency market and provide ideas on improving profitability;
3. Guide and formulate profitable investment strategies;
4. Provide valuable trading strategies and share insider information as references.

1. Experience in cryptocurrency exchanges is preferred;
2. Master different types and transaction-related information, such as early-stage cryptocurrency projects, product upgrades, community popularity, data analytics, online cryptocurrency exchanges, etc. ;
3. Economics, computer science, information security and engineering related disciplines, bachelor degree or above is preferred;
4. Possess strong big data analysis capabilities and market insight; extensive connection in the industry, rich resources, and accurate prediction.

Company Overview

Bole Capital Group was established in 2020 to capitalize on Hong Kong’s unique economic landscape. Our mission to foster the universal growth and adoption of cryptocurrencies makes it our primary business to track and respond to the industry’s latest developments, conduct timely and rigorous market analyses, and offer well-grounded investment recommendations.

From the very start, our work at Bole Capital has been humbled by a deep sense of purpose in improving the lives of all through cultivating innovation and talent. We aspire to make the world a better place by impacting the greatest number of people. To that end, our company is pioneering an individualized hurdle-rate structure to encourage prudent and eclectic risk-taking in cryptocurrencies. We are also expanding our international community so that the best minds from all walks of life who also share the same passion for cryptocurrencies can learn from each other. We are eager to have you aboard if the future of this market excites you just as much.

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