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Allegis Global Solutions
in Hong Kong
Contract, Full time
Last application, 27 Jul 21
Allegis Global Solutions
in Hong Kong
Contract, Full time
Last application, 27 Jul 21
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Ivy Chan • Recruiter
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Ivy Chan
To uphold the integrity of the bank’ risk/return decisions, and in particular to ensure that Market Risk in the GCNA region are properly assessed, that risk/return decisions are made transparently on the basis of this proper assessment, and are controlled in accordance with the Bank’s Risk Appetite.
  • To ensure that the bank’s market risk framework for the management of market risks is appropriately and consistently applied in Hong Kong
  • To support the Treasury Markets, Financial Markets, including Equities Trading business, in the management of Traded Market Risk.
  • To meet local regulatory requirements as they pertain to risk management, prudential standards and governance, conduct and operational standards
  • To create transparency and escalate in a timely manner to relevant stakeholders regarding the key exposures in the region.
  • To review, recommend, discuss and analyze traded risk data and other financial product information with a view of setting risk parameters sufficient to protect the bank from extreme loss
  • To ensure best practice
  • To ensure the principles of the Risk Management Framework are embedded in the Bank’s Traded Risk Team.


  • Assist in maintaining and developing the Function’s capabilities and skills to meet ongoing business growth, needs and plans
  • Ensure that risk decisions are transparent and supporting rationales are explained in a professional & courteous manner, especially when turning down proposals.
  • Identify and escalate new and emerging risks that could be material to the region.  Recommend relevant governance to control these emerging risks to help the bank to avoid big loss.
  • Assist and design and oversee the implementation of relevant stress tests and scenario analysis for the GCNA region
  • Forward looking, taking into consideration to external events which may be material to this region.  Ensure appropriate management action is being taken to mitigate their impact.
  • Uphold the integrity of risk/return decisions by challenging business and control function heads to demonstrate that risk origination and control decisions are properly informed and consistent with strategy and Risk Appetite
  • Identify and report key risks material to the Bank and challenge the First Line to evidence that the material risks arising from their business activities have been identified, assessed, monitored and reported.
  • Monitor internal and external events material to the bank and ensure appropriate management action is being taken to mitigate their impact
  • Provide new product support in terms of risk measurement, limits and monitoring. Ensure relevant risk measures, controls and process is in place before approving the launch of new products.
  • Responsibility for regular or ad hoc market risk activities reports / information / analysis to management.
  • Ensure that traded risk measurement methodologies are fit-for-purpose, comprehensive and implemented with integrity.
  • Ensure that there are appropriate and documented internal controls and procedures in place. Monitor the operation of such procedures and controls and regularly review them to ensure that they reflect any changes in products, systems, policy and regulations. Maintain procedures for monitoring, management and reporting of operational risks arising within area of responsibility.

Support of Regulatory/Local Projects

  • Support of IMA Projects with
    • Conducting analysis to identify the gaps
    • Leading and providing guidance to local sites to ensure compliance
    • Proactively facilitate communication with stakeholders to remove blockers
    • Familiar with the calculation and rules and become the point of contact with regulator
  • Support local risk-wide initiatives/projects such as recovery planning, ICAAP, SDST etc.

Process Control

  • Ensure effective management of operational risks within the Function and compliance with applicable internal policies, and external laws and regulations
  • Supervise all processes where a member of the TRM Equities team is the identified first line process owner
  • Continuously improve the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the function
  • Assist in driving a consistent interpretation and application of market risk policies across all countries in the region.
  • Monitor on-going compliance with and effectiveness of the risk control environment


  • Bachelor or above degree with quantitative skills. Language: Fluent in English.  
  • Think outside the box by providing creative solutions to a problem. Good technology skill.
  • Proactive in Managing Risk
  • Self-starter, add value on day one.  Can excel under pressure.
  • Sharp business acumen (including ability to assess risk and appropriate levels of return), strong leadership qualities, excellent interpersonal skills and multi-cultural awareness and sensitivity.
  • Excellent analytical skills and sound judgement in a rapidly changing environment
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to present complex risk issues to senior and non-technical stakeholders
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, multicultural awareness and sensitivity
  • Market Knowledge: Substantial experience at advanced level in the banking industry and equities market, including demonstrated success in a similar role.  In-depth knowledge and technical skills related to Market Risk.
  • Business Strategy and Model: Good business acumen (including ability to assess risk and appropriate levels of return), leadership experience, good interpersonal skills and multi-cultural awareness and sensitivity.
  • Risk Management and Control: Demonstrated track record in successful management and ability to manage risk in geographically dispersed and varied product base.  Expertise in process design and control.
  • Regulatory Framework and Requirements: Awareness and understanding of the regulatory framework in which the firm operates, and the regulatory requirements and expectations relevant to the role.
  • Non-technical Skills: Good relationship management experience – with external stakeholders, including regulators and auditors
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