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Senior Researcher 高级研究员

Micro Connect (H.K.) Investments Limited Hong Kong
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滴灌通研究院 - 高级研究员


  1. 行业解决方案提炼与案例撰写: 深入了解公司内部行业问题,通过研究和分析,提炼实际解决方案,并编写详实的案例报告,以分享公司在实际问题解决方面的成功经验。
  2. 企业与大学、外部机构合作项目设定: 负责制定与大学及外部机构的深度合作项目,明确项目目标、任务和时间表,确保项目与公司战略一致。
  3. 合作项目推进与落地: 督导合作项目的推进,协调内外部资源,确保项目进展符合预期,推动解决方案的成功实施。
  4. 研究能力: 具备广泛的研究能力,能够深入挖掘行业问题,并提供有针对性的解决方案,推动公司在行业内的技术和业务领先地位。
  5. 研究报告撰写: 负责编写高水平的研究报告,向内外部团队及合作伙伴传递研究成果,提供有力的决策支持。
  6. 团队合作: 与内部团队紧密合作,推动研究成果在实际业务中的应用,促进公司业务的创新和发展。
  7. 项目评估与优化: 定期评估合作项目的效果,提出改进建议,确保合作研究的可持续发展。



  1. 教育背景: 硕士学位、金融、管理、或互联网相关行业经验。
  2. 工作经验: 具有在知名大公司研究院的工作经历,有成功的研究项目经验。
  3. 研究能力: 在企业内部行业解决方案领域有卓越的研究能力,能够深入挖掘问题并提供实际解决方案。
  4. 项目管理: 具备卓越的项目管理能力,能够有效组织和推动合作项目的进展。
  5. 合作能力: 良好的团队协作和沟通能力,善于与大学及外部机构建立合作关系,促进合作项目的成功实施。
  6. 研究报告撰写: 具备撰写高水平研究报告的能力,能够清晰传达研究成果。
  7. 创新能力: 富有创新精神,能够在研究中提出新的思路和解决方案。


Micro Connect Research Institute - Senior Researcher


  1. Industry Solutions and Case Study Writing: understand the company’s internal industry issues in-depth, and able to write detailed case reports to share the company’s successful experiences in solving real-world problems by conducting research and analysis to produce practical solutions.
  2. Set up Collaborative Projects with Corporates, Universities and External Institutions: Lead the formulation of in-depth collaborative projects with universities and external institutions, with clear project goals, tasks, and timelines to ensure alignment with the company's strategy.
  3. Promote and Implement Collaborative Projects: Supervise progress of collaborative projects and coordinate internal and external resources to ensure project advancements meet expectations and drive successful implementation of solutions.
  4. Research Capability: Possess broad research capabilities, capable of delving deep into and identify industry issues, provide targeted solutions, and promote the company to leading positions in both technological and business aspects.
  5. Research Report Writing: Take charge of producing high-level research reports, disseminate research findings to internal and external teams and collaborative project partners, and offer robust decision-making support.
  6. Team Collaboration: Work closely with internal teams, drive the application of research findings in practical business scenarios, and promote innovation and development in the company's business.
  7. Project Evaluation and Optimization: Regularly assess the effectiveness of collaborative projects, provide suggestions for improvement, and ensure the sustainable development of research collaborations.

Skills, Qualifications, and Experience:

  1. Educational Background: Master's degree, with experience in finance, management, or the internet-related industry.​
  2. Work Experience: Significant experience working in renowned corporate research institutes, with proven track record of successful research projects.
  3. Research Capability: Outstanding research capabilities in the field of internal corporate industry solutions, with the ability to delve into problems and provide practical solutions.
  4. Project Management: Exceptional project management skills, can effectively organize and drive collaborative projects forward.
  5. Collaboration Skills: Strong teamwork and communication skills, good at establishing partnerships with universities and external institutions to facilitate successful implementation of collaborative projects.
  6. Research Report Writing: Proficient in writing high-quality research reports and able to effectively communicate the research findings.
  7. Innovation Capability: Innovative thinking, able to formulate new ideas and solutions while conducting research.

Work Location: Hong Kong, with regular travel to Shenzhen.


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