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Schroders Investment Management
in London, England, United Kingdom
Permanent, Full time
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Schroders Investment Management
in London, England, United Kingdom
Permanent, Full time
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Schroders Investment Management
Embedded Data Analyst
The Data Insights Unit (DIU)'s mission is to bring scientific rigour to all business decisions in Schroders. In essence we do this by:

1. making available new data sources,
2. unlocking the value in data by providing a research service, answering business questions by analysing these datasets,
3. scaling the value in data by building Insight Products: generalising those analyses or anticipating those questions by alerting people to relevant changes before they know to ask.

Throughout all these we are using specialist Data Science tools and techniques including Big Data technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence Augmentation, Behavioural Science and Bayesian statistics.

The quantity of information available for investment research purposes is increasing at such a rate that traditional industry practices and skillsets are unable to absorb and process it. Global trends in digitalisation, social media, open data and technology are all creating vast streams of alternative data that are often highly unstructured and obscure. However, they contain valuable and often unique insights. The Data Insights team aims to find these new and potentially unorthodox datasets, extract the rich, hidden information they contain and use their expertise to enhance traditional fundamental research.

Overview of role
The Data Insights Unit (DIU) is a team of over 25 data scientists and engineers who support investors throughout Schroders, and has been instrumental in deploying modern data science technologies and methods throughout the firm. The central team is based in London.
Data is the lifeblood of business decisions throughout Schroders, and there is a need for data scientists, data engineers and information visualisation experts to sit directly embedded in business teams throughout Schroders supporting evidence based decision making.

The opportunity exists for a data professional reporting directly to the Global Equities team in London, as an associate member of the DIU. The successful applicant will act as the Global Equities team's data subject matter expert. They will collaborate with the Global Equities team members to understand their needs, and propose and implement data-driven tools to support evidence based decision making.

As an associate member of the DIU the applicant will participate in data science knowledge sharing, and both contribute to and draw upon the expertise of the broader Schroders community of data professionals, including those embedded in other investment teams including European Equities, Emerging Markets Equities, Real Estate, Fixed Income and ESG.

The applicant will have a strong preference towards working in reproducible data workflow tools such as Jupyter and RMarkdown, but won't be afraid of interacting with the Excel models owned by less data science literate colleagues. The applicant will take pleasure from finding simple solutions to complex problems.

Previous experience in the investment industry would be valuable, but is not required if the applicant can demonstrate a passion for understanding how businesses and markets operate. The role will sit with the Global Equities team and be accountable to them for their project priorities and daily workflow, which may include a mix of engineering, analytical and visualisation tasks. Your direct line manager will be the Head of Research in the investment team. The role will also have a data science coach assigned from the central DIU team, both to ensure they remain connected to larger data initiatives and to ensure they receive the career development support they need. In general it is anticipated that you will be given the opportunity to rotate across to embed in another business team or move into the central DIU function after 2 years embedded in the Global Equities team as part of your ongoing development as a Data Professional in Schroders.

About the Global Equities team

Schroders' Global & international Equity team manage assets of approximately US$35bn across four distinct business areas; Global Equities, EAFE Equities, US Large Cap Equities and Thematic Equities. The team is seeing strong structural demand from both institutional and intermediary clients in each of these areas, and the desk is increasingly providing components for the multi-asset, solutions, charities and wealth management businesses within the group. The drive into thematic strategies is a key corporate priority and much of the focus of this development sits within the Global & International Equity team. Consequently, the team expects to see significant asset growth over the next few years. While a single overall investment philosophy is applied across the team's assets base, a diverse product set and the global nature of its client base contributes to a number of different mandates and benchmarks being managed successfully by the team. In addition, the relative absence of capacity constraints supports an ability and willingness to customize client portfolios, where required, and develop new product for a rapidly changing market.

The team consists of 15 investors, comprising four senior portfolio managers, 11 global sector specialists/analysts and sector analysts. While the team maintains an investment view independent from that of other equity teams within the business, the team's analysts make significant use of research output from the broader equities business. This output frequently provides a foundation for the team's proprietary research. A significant development of the team's process over recent years has seen an increasing focus on the systematic application of the team's philosophy and approach across a number of areas, including idea capture, the evaluation of stock risk, monitoring of milestones, and attribution of investment decisions. Data and technology has been an important enabler in this respect.


1. Act as the Global Equities team's advisor and subject matter expert on data science, data engineering, and information visualisation. Act as a bridge to the central DIU where appropriate to leverage the expertise of the wider data science community at Schroders when providing this advice.
2. Develop data pipelines, analyses, and visualisation tools to support evidence-driven decision making in the Global Equities team. The role blends data engineering, tool building and statistical analysis.
3. Consume, understand, and distribute work from the central DIU that is of interest to the Global Equities team. Providing bespoke analysis and interpretation where needed and/or collaborating with the central DIU team to improve the utility of these tools.
4. Make sure the Global Equities team has "a voice in the room" in centralised projects where they should be considered a key stakeholder, and advocate for projects that would benefit that team.
5. Initially, integrate yourself into the Global Equities process, attend research meetings, read the research and develop a good understanding of the research and investment process. Then build up an understanding of the wider Global equity strategies and increase engagement outside of the team.

Team Culture

As a Data Scientist in Schroders, you will also be part of the Data Insights Unit, which is a friendly, dynamic and exciting team of over 25 data professionals mainly based in London, and welcomes applications from a diverse range of individuals at all levels of hiring. Schroders has strong support for flexible working practices, including modern technology for remote working. As such we offer a friendly and welcoming home for demographically-diverse and neuro-diverse individuals with various home/family arrangements.

The DIU consciously adopts a strengths-based style of management and personal development. We strive to understand people's motivations and strengths and orient their roles to play to these. This applies to their immediate role and as part of their ongoing career development into future roles.

Schroders offers exceptional benefits, including excellent pension and flexible benefits. In addition all team members benefit from Schroders' bonus scheme. In this, bonus is shared out across the DIU team with far more weight on team performance than individual performance - we all succeed as a team, and so we share in the rewards as a team. Further details can be given on request.

Skills / Experience
• ETL / Data Pipelining / Data Engineering skills
• Statistical analysis and interpretation
• Creating clear and effective visual displays of data
• Influencing senior business stakeholders
• Creative thinking
• Commercial focus
• Pragmatic, action-oriented
• Programming experience in R or python.

• Prior experience in an investment organisation, preferably with exposure to Factset, Bloomberg, TR/Eikon or other investment-specific data platforms.
• R {Tidyverse, Rmarkdown, Shiny}
• Python {numpy, pandas, requests, selenium, Dash}
• Linux experience and shell scripting.
• Relevant degree subject (e.g. Statistics, OR, Data Science, Computer Science, any Science)
• Meaningful data modelling experience using SQL-based Data Warehouses
• Big Data experience such as Hive, Spark.
• Asset Management / Investment practices
• Familiarity with Excel models (as part of replacing these with more modern alternatives)