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M&G Group
in London, England, United Kingdom
Permanent, Full time
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M&G Group
in London, England, United Kingdom
Permanent, Full time
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M&G Group
At M&GPrudential our vision is: to become the best loved and most successful savings and investment business and we’re looking for people who are excited about joining us on our journey. We’re digitally transforming and investing heavily in technology and innovation to develop new and

At M&GPrudential our vision is: to become the best loved and most successful savings and investment business and we’re looking for people who are excited about joining us on our journey. We’re digitally transforming and investing heavily in technology and innovation to develop new and improved customer propositions that really raise the bar for our customers. To help us achieve our vision we’re looking for exceptional people who live our values and behaviours and who can inspire others; embrace change; deliver results and keep it simple.

What you can expect from us:

We are committed to creating an environment where you can be exceptional at all you do. To help us deliver this, we promise to:

  • Challenge Your Limits by creating a stimulating working environment and providing opportunities for you to be involved in meaningful and challenging work
  • Support Your Aspirations with a commitment to learning and development that helps you achieve and build your experience with people who want you to succeed
  • Value Your Input whereby leaders and managers will involve you in key decisions, listen to your thoughts and recognise the important contribution you make
  • Balance Your Life through a work life partnership that focuses on making this an inclusive, diverse and friendly place to work and offers the flexibility and support that enables everyone to be at their best

The Role:


We expect our Senior Software Engineers to deliver and integrate software to form a complete service. They plan and lead development on sets of related stories, have an understanding of the whole system and take responsibility for teaching this to others. They work with other disciplines to understand what needs to be built, operate the production services they build and find ways to improve system robustness, resilience and stability.


We have chosen to use the move to BRS Aladdin as a catalyst to accelerate our adoption of modern cloud centric practices. As a result, our design is API centric (APIGEE), PAAS first (AZURE) and seeks a frictionless model (Agile). Development is done via multiple disciplined capability aligned SCRUM Teams following Agile practices including Behavior Driven Development (BDD). Each team comprises Developers, Testers & Analysts and a Scrum Master.


All our engineers are expected to be knowledgeable about API Centric patterns (HATEOAS), common Cloud development patterns and to have hands on knowledge of developing in AZURE using PAAS services including DocDB, Key Vault, Logic & Function Apps. We are using APIGEE as our API gateway management product. The engineers are expected to develop in JavaScript, node.JS, Groovy and either JAVA or .Net.


To achieve BDD, the engineers also write most of the test automation scripts using Groovy. They are also expected to keep our “Logistics Suite” up to date throughout the day, as all dash-boards, plans and reports are driven off it. The “Logistics Suite” is a sophisticated CI implementation of JIRA, Git, BitBucket, Confluence, Artifactory and Jenkins.


Key Responsibilities:


  • Champion and instill end-user centric approach by interpreting and translating business requirements into efficient software delivery that integrates efficiently into existing business process
  • Implement and articulate a broad range of software design and architectural patterns, when they should be used, alternatives which could be considered and the practical considerations of implementing them in a relevant language
  • Implement and articulate advanced programming concepts and techniques in a relevant language (e.g. Python, C#, C++, Java, Go, Perl, Ruby, shell scripting etc.)
  • Plan and lead development on sets of related stories and collaborate with technical leads and architects to ensure adherence to the platform architecture
  • Articulate the development, test and production environments used by the team and how they are provisioned, and be able to modify and execute the provisioning of new environments through a repeatable, automated process and troubleshoot environmental issues
  • Create fully automated tested software engineering solutions with a focus on continuous integration and continuous deployment. Rigorously apply static code quality analysis tools
  • Participate on code reviews and actively review code written by other developers whilst driving the code review process within their team
  • Proactively communicate with colleagues to keep abreast of the future backlog items to identify possible risks or challenges, raise them within team meetings and offer practical solutions
  • Be a pivotal member of the Scrum team and advise, generate ideas, and share the most appropriate agile software development methods, tools and techniques
  • Take a proactive role in developing less experienced colleagues, through coaching, mentoring and line management
  • Implement well-crafted software which does not require extensive documentation, and which adheres to the principles of SOLID, YAGNI, KISS and DRY
  • Define and contribute to the team's documentation about the products it develops as well as the documentation created by other teams
  • Implement specific tools and techniques such as continuous integration, automated unit testing, pair programming, test-driven development, design patterns, behaviour-driven development, domain-driven design, code refactoring etc.
  • Implement and provide guidance on the concept of Quality Assurance i.e. systematic and inherent quality management underpinning a controlled professional process and reliability and correctness of product
  • Implement and provide guidance on the concepts of Safety and Security, Traceability and Verification and Validation
  • Implement iterative and incremental development approaches under the Agile – Fast Fabric initiatives (DevOps, Software engineering)
  • Start becoming a guide in the Engineering Community by writing articles, blog posts and sharing ideas to help others implement best practices


This role is ideally suited to someone who can:


  • Inspire my team to deliver exceptional performance by helping them to connect the purpose of their work, beyond the impact to the bottom line
  • Support my direct reports to make effective decisions, collaborate across silos, speak up and take personal accountability
  • Be authentic, operate with integrity and encourage others to operate in a similar way
  • Develop strong relationships with my direct reports, understand them and their capabilities well, empower, stretch and support them to develop
  • Encourage my team to solve business problems creatively and collaboratively and question the status quo
  • Help others to learn from their mistakes, do not wait for perfection before action, and drive continuous improvement personally and via my team
  • Simplify complexity for my team and reduce unnecessary bureaucracy
  • Prioritise people before process and recognise the needs and perspectives of customers and colleaguesspan>
  • Cut through complex issues and get to the heart of problems
  • Set clear priorities and expectations for others that guides them to deliver over the next year
  • Use my judgement and expertise to make rigorous, yet decisive and bold decisions and ensure they are delivered
  • Set the bar high for my team, provide timely feedback and hold myself and them to account
  • Oversee operational delivery and ensure controls are followed


You will have:


  • Microsoft Azure - App Services, Service Bus, Azure VM, Azure SQL, API Management, WebJobs, Table Storage, Blob Storage, Application Insights, Azure Active Directory, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake Store, Azure Data Lake Analytics, Stream Analytics, Cognitive Services
  • Developer Toolkit - Deep knowledge of relational database systems, NOSQL Databases, Object Oriented programming and web application development.
  • Test Automation
  • Familiarity with Unit testing frameworks e.g. MS Unit Testing Framework, NUnit, Mocha as well as BDD tools e.g. Spock
  • Methodologies & Practices
  • Agile, Scrum, TDD, BDD
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Atlassian Suite, Microservices

At M&GPrudential Diversity and Inclusion is a strategic objective. We know that an inclusive environment makes us more accessible and ensures we attract, engage, promote and retain exceptional people.  We welcome applications from all individuals regardless of age, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity/nationally, disability, or military service and welcome those who have taken career breaks. We will consider flexible working arrangements for any of our roles.