A short guide to trial numerical tests

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If you're applying to work in an investment bank, you've probably already encountered the numerical test. Most banks use these tests as an initial filter to eliminate inappropriate candidates; they're important: if you don't do well, your application will be dumped.

It's therefore in your interest to excel. And in order to excel you ought to some trials.

We at eFinancialCareers have some of the best trial numerical tests (click here to access them), but after you've had a go on ours you may want to try some others. Here's who else offers them.

1) Test Providers

You can try out the tests direct from the test providers. Most test providers sell their tests to banks, so they can be representative of what you'll encounter during application. Try:

SHL: click here.

PSL/Kenexa: click here.


click here.

2) Banks

A few banks offer trial tests on their websites. Be warned, however, they may be deceptively easy. Try:

J P Morgan: click here.

HSBC: click here.

3) Others

If you've tried the tests above and want still more practice, there are some general graduate numerical tests at:

University of Kent: click here.


click here.

Graduate Wings

click here.

Assessment Day: click here. (Click free sample, or scroll down)

Numerical Test Help: click here.

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