Daily Dispatches: New Singapore CEO at Credit Agricole Suisse

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Credit Agricole Suisse, the largest entity among Credit Agricole’s private banking businesses, has appointed Sen Sui as the new chief executive of its Singapore branch. (Finance Asia)

Singapore’s government has laid out a vision for sustaining economic growth, predicting that it will have to accept a continued influx of foreign workers while it tries to persuade its citizens to have more children. Yet some foreign companies in Singapore have reported difficulties obtaining approval for employment passes for non-Singaporeans. (Financial Times)

An increased surcharge the Singaporean government has assessed on most foreign buyers to try to tamp down soaring property prices threatens to rattle Singapore's uneasy relationship with many of its rich foreigners while giving Americans an edge in one of Asia's hottest property markets. (Wall Street Journal)

Some underground financial institutions in China have reportedly loaned money at an annualized rate of as much as 120 percent in Guangzhou, as short-term liquidity tightens ahead of the Lunar New Year. (The Standard)