Five tips recruiters reckon will help you get a financial job in Australia

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Recruiters give their advice on how to improve your chances of getting a job in Australia this year.

1) Prove you can multitask

In 2013 firms will focus on finding people who can multitask and add value quickly, says Andrew Hanson, director of financial services, Robert Walters. "It is no longer about sitting in a silo and just doing your job," he adds. “With businesses running leaner, individuals are expected to turn their hand to more. In interviews, ensure you can give concrete examples of situations where you have had a positive impact, ideally in a number of areas.”

2) Avoid Facebook embarrassment

A Hays survey recently revealed that a third of job seekers believe employers won’t look at their social media profile. Yet in reality, says Jane McNeill, director, NSW and ACT, Hays, 60 per cent of employers use social media to gain a deeper understanding of a candidate’s skills and experience. “I therefore advise candidates to either make their Facebook pages private or ensure the content on their profile is suitable for potential employers.”

3) Dig deep into the employer’s strategy

Take time to complete due diligence on potential employers, says Vanessa Harding-Farrenberg, joint managing director, Morgan McKinley. “Look beyond your next role and review each organisation’s strategic objectives in line with global trends to ensure you can identify future challenging career opportunities within them.”

4) Dazzle the interviewers

In this market interviewees can’t afford to be complacent. “Volunteer additional information – perhaps put together a research report on an industry, build a model on a relevant company or write a strategic paper on an asset,” says Victoria Biggs, partner, Platinum Pacific Partners. “Be enthusiastic – the firm must feel that you really want the role and your keenness makes you a safer and more compelling bet. And demonstrate good interpersonal skills; cultural fit is more important than ever.”

5) Get the basics right

It’s going to be another tough year for the employment market, but the basics of job hunting haven’t changed, says Simon Tobin, managing director, Ambition Finance. “Get these three things right and you can’t go wrong: 1) Company – A business that you can be passionate about and be proud to work for; 2) Boss – Someone who will be an inspiration and a mentor; and 3) Job – A role that develops your skills and experience, and broadens your capability.”

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