Daily Dispatches: Nikko hires as others fire

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Nikko Asset Management plans to hire money managers in key markets like China and Southeast Asia at a time of record inflows into emerging markets, boosting headcount as European and US banks contract. (Bloomberg)

Bank of America Merrill Lynch continues to hire from Deutsche Bank, appointing Richard Yacenda as its new COO in Asia. Meanwhile, Olivier Thiriet joins from Credit Suisse to be the new head of Asia-Pacific equities. (Finance Asia)

Further proof that Asia is no longer the promised land for finance jobs as Hays results slump. (Evening Standard)

Now that Haruhiko Kuroda will leave his position at the top of the Asian Development Bank to become governor of the Bank of Japan, western central bankers and academics are braced for the Chinese to launch efforts to install one of their own as Mr Kuroda’s successor. (FT)

Two traders at UBS in Singapore say they were fired for gross misconduct because the bank was trying to cover up its involvement in rate fixing. (Bloomberg)

The National Australia Bank is set to reshuffle its senior management team as part of a move to boost its productivity. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Wealthy Chinese are becoming global investors, taking profits earned at home and spreading them into overseas stocks, bonds, real estate and other assets. (WSJ)

Gary Cohn, COO of Goldman Sachs, tells Americans to quit complaining - there are plenty of jobs out there. (Times Dispatch)