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While the lines are still long to get in, fewer people are intoxicated over working in banking it appears.

Where’s the love? Bankers’ infatuation with their employer on the decline

Despite all the recent news clippings, plenty of people still want to work on Wall Street. Goldman Sachs accepted just 4% of the 43,000 people who applied to its 2014 analyst program, for example. Morgan Stanley made offers to just 2% of its 90,000 applicants. But while the lines are still long to get in, fewer people are intoxicated over working in banking it appears.

A recent survey from Financial News found that just 14% of investment bankers, traders and other financial professionals “love” their job, down from 24% a year ago – a substantial drop. And that’s not to say that a disproportionate hate working in banking – that number didn’t appear to budge. It’s just that more staffers now think their employer is just “OK.”

The survey didn’t get into the reason why, but it’s easy to make some logical guesses. Compensation not matching up with working hours is one, as is the evolving culture on Wall Street that disincentives risk. Maybe the job just isn’t as much of a rush for some people?

Somewhat unsurprisingly, women are more eager than men to ditch banking for a new career. More than 20% of female respondents said they are looking to leave the industry, double the level for men.

The results mesh with our own recent survey data, which found that nearly 88% of women believe gender discrimination exists within financial services. Nearly half (46%) said it’s present at their own firm.

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Quote of the Day: “I asked them where the due diligence was and they responded 'due what?' They said that they did not ask for any due diligence—there was no need to since Goldman had advised them to do these trades. They completely trusted Goldman,” – a lawyer consulting with the Libyan Investment Authority

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