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Oxford University students have become embroiled in an email debate on the most appropriate attire to wear to a milk round event.

So, what DO you wear to a JP Morgan spring week event at Oxford University?

Is this the correct attire for a JPM student event at Oxford?

Oxford University’s finance society, Capitox, has got itself into a bit a pickle with a mass email following a query about the dress code for a forthcoming spring week event involving JPMorgan.

When a student emailed the Capitox Committee to enquire about the dress code at the event, his email was accidentally circulated to the entire mailing list, plus Capitox contacts and journalists.

Whilst most people protested that they weren’t on the committee and didn’t therefore have any suggestions for the appropriate attire, others claimed that white tie (full evening dress) was mandatory and that a morning suit (a long jacket, plus waistcoat) was preferred. Another, posing as ‘the Warden’ of Capitox, said that [efc_twitter text="‘German lederhosen dress’ was a good idea as Deutsche Bank would also be in attendance."] "This will get you fast tracked to the final stages of selection in no time," said one respondent. “I've seen many a prospective banker wear a wife-beater to these events,” wrote another.

Eventually, the real organizers of the event stepped in. The dress code is, ‘business attire,’ said the society’s president. “Let this be the last email of the chain,” commanded another committee member after a student took advantage of the thread to enquire about the best Italian restaurant for a meal that night.

Conclusion: Don’t wear a morning suit to a milk round event. Don’t accidentally email a large group of facetious student with dress code queries.

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