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EPAM Expands in APAC, Offering Great Benefits to Successful Candidates

EPAM Systems, Inc., a leading global provider of digital engineering and development services, is hiring as it expands its team following significant growth in the Asia Pacific region. Recruitment is focused on Singapore and Hong Kong, while also adding talent to support financial services in the Greater Bay Area.

Despite the challenging economic environment, EPAM in APAC saw 23.7% year-over-year growth in fiscal year 2020. Verticals growth sectors included financial services, eCommerce, and manufacturing.

"We understand our clients' needs very well in APAC and have demonstrated strong capabilities in implementing solutions for them," said Andrew Lam, Senior Business Analyst at EPAM Hong Kong. “Because of our strong track record in delivering, I think we will continue to enjoy growth in the region in the coming years.”

To meet rising demand, EPAM is currently recruiting business analysts with a background in banking and fintech, as well as those with experience in eCommerce and manufacturing. Recruitment is also focused on hiring software architects and mobile developers, as well as full stack software engineers and developers who specialize in Java and JavaScript, ReactNative and Python.

“EPAM’s culture and highly collaborative work environment sets it apart from other technology companies,” Lam says. “This approach enables us to capitalize on experiences and best practices from around the world, and offer our customers the best in breed solutions.”

EPAM prioritizes staff development by offering a myriad of ongoing training opportunities to acquire both hard and soft skills. Every team member has his or her own individualized career development plan, which is developed in partnership with their manager. The plan includes specific milestones and training opportunities to help achieve these goals.

“Besides being offered training on the latest technology, such as artificial intelligence and cloud, we are also offered training on soft skills, such as languages, management best practices, and client communications,” Lam says. “We are given the time and resources to attend training courses, including access to training platforms, such as LinkedIn, to help us achieve our career development plan.”

The plan is closely tracked by management and EPAM’s in-house specialists to ensure employees have the time and resources needed to achieve their goals.

Alongside offering formal training, employees at EPAM are also encouraged to learn from each other. By encouraging open communication, Lam explains that knowledge and ideas are freely shared between colleagues, who help each other overcome obstacles. He adds that management is highly responsive to acting on any ideas or concerns raised by staff, while employees are also given a lot of autonomy over the projects they are working on.

To thrive in this environment, alongside having good technical skills, candidates must be self-motivated and proactive.

“The environment that EPAM offers is quite different than other technology firms,” Lam says. “We expect people to be self-motivated and finish the task on time and to a high standard. They must also have a customer-orientated mindset and be a good team player—that is most important.”

He adds that candidates should also be flexible and be prepared to work in a dynamic environment.

“We are growing fast and there are many diverse opportunities at the moment. We are engaged with different clients throughout the year, and we have to switch between them. While it is challenging work, it provides us with great opportunities for new knowledge and experience,” he says.

Lam advises candidates interested in joining EPAM to speak up during job interviews and express their preferences.

“Although some of their preferences may not match the job description, we are also hiring developers and business analysts for future engagements, so it is likely that the preferences of candidates will fit some of our future opportunities.”

He adds that people should also not be put off applying for financial services business analyst posts if they have only limited experience in this area. “If you do not have sufficient experience, we will look at your profile and talk to you to see if you have the potential to contribute to the project.”

To anyone thinking of joining EPAM, Lam says: “There are lots of learning and development opportunities. We are a very people-oriented firm. We are very proud of our culture which enables us to deliver implementations that exceed our clients’ expectations, while enabling staff to develop personally.”


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The essential daily roundup of news and analysis read by everyone from senior bankers and traders to new recruits.