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Hong Kong careers climb a new Summit

Moving to a new financial centre is often a great way to elevate your career to a new level, but it can sometimes be a daunting prospect in terms of logistics and new challenges.  For anyone moving to Hong Kong, Macao or Guangdong (the Greater Bay Area), there is a lot of help available, however.  A two day Global Summit organised next week (May 7th-8th) in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre aims to showcase “The Power of Global Talent” and the services available to global talent relocating to Hong Kong. 

As well as the International Talent Forum and the 2nd Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area High-quality Talent Development Conference, the CareerConnect Expo will also take place on 7th and 8th of May. This will bring together exhibitors from across the banking, professional services, accommodation and related industries.  As Anthony Lau, the Director of Hong Kong Talent Engage puts it, the Expo will “enable international, local and regional strategic enterprises and counterparts to present to participants and global talent the opportunities of Hong Kong and the Mainland as well as development prospects of various sectors”.

The Expo is open to members of the public as well as guests of the Summit, and is targeted at incoming talents, their families and anyone interested in coming to Hong Kong to advance their career development.  Exhibitors will be making special offers, including discounted service fees on accommodation for incoming talents signed up during the Expo and exclusive offers banking and financial services products.  There will also be tailored consultations and workshops on job searching and career matching, along with mini-seminars introducing the top international and local schools. 

Exhibitors include HSBC, Bank of China (Hong Kong) and PwC in the banking and professional services field, and human resources and job matching services like eFinancialCareers, KOS and Liepin.  For candidates further along in their decision to relocate, there are top accommodation providers like Sun Hung Kai Properties, Sino Group and New World Development, and representatives of ITS and Hok Yau Club to assist with family transfers and education.  The Hong Kong government will be represented by a number of agencies including the Hospitals Agency, the Airport Authority and Invest Hong Kong.

These events demonstrate the Hong Kong government’s commitment to engaging with global talent.  The Summit has been arranged by Hong Kong Talent Engage (HKTE), an office within the Labour and Welfare Bureau of the HKSAR government with the mission of facilitating attraction and retention of global talent in sectors where the region faces skill shortages.  According to Anthony Lau, “The Summit will bring together international and Mainland leaders from political, academic, business and other sectors to exchange trends and experiences in talent development, with a view to promoting Hong Kong's dual role and advantages as an international talent hub and our country's gateway for talent”.

Hong Kong Talent Engage was established in October last year in order to provide a comprehensive “one stop shop” for visas and immigration advice for people interested in developing their careers in Hong Kong.  However, this is not all HKTE provides.  The website features real time job opportunities, with as many as 8,000 postings on any given day, and HKTE has already processed over 12,000 enquiries. Once you arrive in Hong Kong, HKTE is committed to maintaining contact and continuing to be a partner in your daily life and career growth.  They provide seminars and advice on topics as varied as family and education options, bank accounts and insurance and learning Cantonese.  Bridging the professional human resources consultants offer ongoing career support and help with job matching, through a rapidly expanding network of partner organisations which has already processed more than 2,000 job referrals.

Financial services has been named as one of the nine industry segments on the Hong Kong government’s Talent List.  Although recent financial market conditions have seen revenues squeezed in some parts of the industry, there remains a structural skills shortage in banking, insurance, accountancy and wealth management, which can partly be filled by international talent.  For 2024/25, the priority target markets for HKTE are ASEAN countries, particularly Malaysia and Indonesia, and Europe.    As the HKTE “Discover” website demonstrates, Hong Kong is one of the most attractive destinations for global talent, with culture, dining and shopping amenities at least equal to any other financial centre in the world. Hong Kong offers a vibrant and diverse city life, excellent transportation, and a high standard of living, which are all factors that make it an attractive market for global talent

There are multiple pathways to obtaining a Hong Kong work visa, with eight different talent admission schemes covering graduates, residents of the Chinese mainland, second-generation children of emigrated residents and global professionals and entrepreneurs.  Of particular interest to professionals in the investment banking and wealth management industries is the Top Talent Pass Scheme.  This scheme allows highly paid professionals (those earning the equivalent of HK$2.5m / US$325k or more), or those with degrees from global elite universities to apply for a visa to come to Hong Kong before securing a job offer, and to then take advantage of HKTE’s referral and matching services.

Registration for the Expo pass is available on the Summit website for the live event in Hong Kong, and the presentations and panel sessions for the Forum and the Conference will be available via webcast.

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The essential daily roundup of news and analysis read by everyone from senior bankers and traders to new recruits.